Mon amour de la vie culturelle bretonne a enrichi le travail de mes deux dernières années. Les portraits montrent, j’espère, à la fois la vulnérabilité, la dignité et la force de la personne peinte.
J’aime surtout peindre le sujet avec une narration subtile. Je découvre la composition, la signification ou l’esprit de la pièce pendant que je travaille. Je m’intéresse à évoquer la culture européenne aussi bien que le voyage spirituel de la vie.

My figurative work is inspired by a love of narrative painting and the idea that our lives are set against a backdrop of landscape and culture which is part of who we are.  Our personal story is told through the face and eyes, through which I try to capture something of the dignity, vulnerability and humour of being human.  I often discover as much as I plan when I paint, uncovering a subtle narrative behind the figure and setting.  Hopefully my work invites the viewer to contemplate the story and emotion of the piece, which not only changes from viewer to viewer, but can also develop over time.



Prints and cards are available to buy through this website.

Please do get in touch for all information on commissions and available work and I will be happy to respond.

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